• Beauty by the Book – Leona Lewis

    Leona Lewis

    This week’s beauty by the book is all about Leona Lewis’ gorgeous makeup look in her first music video “Bleeding Love”. The smokey green shadows and shimmering bronze cheeks are a smoldering combination and beauty guru Lauren Luke is the perfect person to walk you through this sexy look step by step.


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  • Beauty Revolutionary of the Week – Zoe Saldana


    As the new face of Avon and the creator of a new Spring fragrance “Eternal Magic”, this beauty revolutionary is fast on her way to becoming an international star. Zoe Saldana is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican and is truly a natural beauty who has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Her recent starring role in James Cameron’s “Avatar” has catapulted her to another level of fame and stardom which is long overdue for this talented actress.


    This coming Sunday – Oscar Sunday – we hope to see Ms. Saldana working the red carpet with all of the glamour and style she’s known for!

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  • Beauty By the Book




    Lauren_Luke_makeupI was recently introduced to the cosmetic artistry of Lauren Luke through Patrice Yursik, founder of - one of my FAVORITE blogs! When I visited the site, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous palettes and was even more impressed by Lauren’s fun yet informative makeup tutorials. She makes painting face look like connecting the dots. She is fun to watch, easy to follow and a great resource for professionals and beauty novices alike. Every week, I will be uploading her latest tutorial so you can learn the hottest beauty looks and how to take them straight from the pages of your favorite magazines and right onto your very own gorgeous canvas!



    This first tutorial is all about the high fashion, avante garde look Beyonce recently deubted in her latest video for “Video Phone“. This bold look reminded me of the high concept beauty found on the pages of Italian Vogue or on the runways in Rio de Janeiro. I LOVE it and can’t wait to share Lauren’s excellent tutorial on how to achieve this stunning look on your own.

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  • Beauty Revolutionary of the Week! Brooklyn Sudano



    Brooklyn Sudano

    Every week, I will be highlighting a new face in the world of biracial/multiracial beauty that is just another positive example of how diverse and truly magnificent the biracial/multiracial community is. This week, its all about Brooklyn Sudano – the daughter of Disco’s First Diva Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano. As a biracial actress and entertainer in Hollywood, she is a wonderful example of elegance, poise and beauty without sacrificing her principals or ethics. We salute you chica!

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