Beauty Fabulous Find!

  • Beauty Fabulous Find: Forever 21 Love & Beauty

    Forever 21, Love & Beauty Eyeshadow, $3.80,

    First off, let me make a disclaimer that this is not makeup that you purchase when you are trying to achieve a special look for a nice affair, this is makeup you purchase when you want to experiment with a new color or a different finish and don’t want to spend department or prestige cosmetics prices! Love & Beauty is the private label cosmetic line created specifically for the Forever 21 customer. The packaging is adorable and there are some decent products available including blushes, bronzers, shimmers, glitter shadows, brushes, lip color and so much more. I highly recommend this line for teenagers who are looking to experiment with makeup as well as for beauty newbies who don’t want to break the bank.

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  • Beauty Fabulous Find: Suave Body Wash

    Sauve, Body Wash, $2.99,

    I love body wash! I am such a body wash addict, I could never imagine having to be relegated to washing with soap – ugh! Even though there are countless options on the market, some fare better than others. My latest favorite is Suave Body Washes. First off, they come in a fabulous array of scents so there’s something for everyone. From fruity to fresh and sweet, you can pick a new scent for every day of the week. Secondly, they lather up so nicely. With just one squeeze of some body wash on my pouf, I have tons of foamy goodness from head to toe. Last but not least, they leave my skin feeling super duper soft and smelling sweet. Also they don’t cost an arm and a leg so you can purchase two or three bottles at a time and not have to ask your friends for a loan to make it through the rest of the week. Try them out, you’ll fall in love with them too!

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  • I’m Currently Obsessed With… Bedazzled Tweezers from Forever 21

    Forever 21, Bedazzled Tweezer, $1.80,

    Something about a sparkling tweezer just makes me smile. I love my tweezers but would love them even more if they were blinged out like these cute and affordable bedazzled tweezers from Forever 21. These tweezers make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or a wonderful gift for birthdays and bachelorette parties! It’s all about the bling baby!

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  • BFF = Beauty Fabulous Find! Liplicious!

    Liplicious is a Bath & Body Works Brand

    With the lip gloss craze steadily gaining momentum, there’s always a need for a new gloss! I have a new brand that is both economical and super sweet! Liplicious is a brand of lip glosses created by Bath & Body Works. The gorgeous glosses come in a wide variety of shades and flavors. They are tube glosses which make for easy application. These glosses give high shine and are a great gift for birthdays or special occasions. There are even Halloween inspired flavors which could make great gifts for that Halloween party you’re planning on throwing this year! You can check out the entire line at Bath & Body Works!

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  • BFF- Beauty Fabulous Find -Inglot Cosmetics

    Inglot Cosmetics -

    If you’ve ever checked out any of the beauty gurus, you have most certainly heard this amazing beauty brand mentioned. Inglot Cosmetics is a unique company that is all about creating high quality cosmetics for affordable prices. What’s super cool about this company besides amazing products in a vast array of shades, textures and finishes is that you can customize your very own palettes for shadows, blushes and lipsticks. Known for their incredible eye shadows and wide range of foundations, this a great company for women of color seeking quality makeup for their personal collections. They recently developed a cool new nail polish that is breathable which is a healthier option for nails. All products are cruelty-free and made with the best ingredients on the market. Check out this amazing makeup tutorial by the Queen of Blending using Inglot Cosmetics!

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