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Bite Size Beauty Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

October 1st, 2013

Discover budget friendly beauty tips from SkinBase the microdermabrasion facial

Beauty Tips that Won't Break the Bank [infographic]

Summer Stylin: Hair Removal 101

June 7th, 2013

So, you’ve just received your Victoria’s Secret bikinis in the mail and you’ve got your new beach tote packed to the brim with sunscreen, aloe vera gel, a bright lipgloss and your favorite designer beach towel. One thing you cannot leave home without this summer is a great bikini wax. Nothing dampers a sexy bikini or swimsuit more than unsightly hairs down there. The answer to this issue lives at your local salon or spa. Here are some great tips to help you get the smooth, hair-free bikini zone just in time for that pool party or beach day!

  • Always choose a reputable salon or spa. You don’t want to get a bikini wax done at your local nail salon as most nail salons are not as sterile an environment as is needed to perform safe waxing.
  • Do NOT schedule your waxing appointment the week before your period as your skin is thinner and your pain receptors are at their peak meaning you will have a tougher time handling the waxing procedure.
  • Before you arrive to your appointment, do a quick cleaning down below with wet wipes or a feminine wipe. It’s important that you keep that area clean and fresh as you will be exposing your private space to a perfect stranger. Also you want to keep the area as clean as possible so as to limit infection and irritation.
  • Always go with hard wax when doing your bikini area. Waxing strips are too painful as they sometimes remove the top layer of skin when pulled which can lead to scarring, bleeding and discomfort. Hard wax works best because it removes the hair directly from the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • If you are prone to ingrown hairs, ask the esthetician to lightly dust the bikini area with baby powder as this helps to lessen the incidence of ingrown hairs and bumps.
  • Work on your breathing to help minimize the pain as the esthetician removes the hard wax. As she/he pulls the wax, you will want to exhale. Breathe in when she’s applying the wax, and breathe out when she’s removing it. This small step makes the entire experience bearable.
  • Be sure to wait 24 hours after your wax procedure before using any ingrown hair balms, creams or gels.
  • Before hitting the pool or the beach, apply a little extra sunscreen or sun lotion on the area to help prevent burning, irritation and discoloration.

S.O.S. Save Our Skin: Sunburn 101

May 28th, 2013

So, after a long extended holiday weekend with way too much sun and fun, I committed a cardinal sin – I got sunburned!!! Yes, women of color do get sunburned just like our white or fair skinned counterparts. Even though the burn may not be as noticeable as someone with very light skin, we still suffer from peeling, redness, inflammation and dryness. In order to heal and rejuvenate my skin after a serious sunburn, it’s important to create a very consistent healing regimen that you can stick to for awhile as your skin heals. Here is my skincare regimen for a summer sunburn!

After Sun Care:

The instant you notice red, sunburned skin, you need to reach for some after care. I prefer something aloe-based as the cooling sensation is exactly what my sun-parched skin needs. Clinique’s After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe is the perfect answer to sun-soaked skin. This aloe-based cream has a special repair complex that soothes, calms and nourishes dry, damaged and inflammed skin. Smooth this nourishing cream all over the sunburned area and let is soak in. Repeat frequently as needed.



So, you’ve returned back home or to your hotel after getting burned at the beach, poolside or at the bbq. It’s time to do some much-needed repair work on your freshly sunburned skin. In order to help rid the skin of dead skin cells and flaky dry patches, you will want to use an effective exfoliator. I love Mama Mio OMega Body Buff. What’s so cool about this scrub is that instead of traditional sugar granules or other abrasive exfoliants, Mama Mio OMega Body Buff utilizes micro ground pumice grains that don’t scratch or further irritate already sensitive skin. Along with micro ground pumice grains, this soothing exfoliator includes skin softening ingredients such as; Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and  Vitamin E. Apply the Body Buff up to three times a week. This will help keep the sunburned skin soft and smooth while it’s healing.



So now that you are on the path to replenishing and repairing damaged sunburn skin, you will need to constantly add moisture and hydration on a daily basis throughout the remainder of the summer. Sunburned skin tends to have a rough, scaly texture that can be quite unattractive and unappealing. In order to avoid this, you will want to slather your freshly exfoliated skin with a highly emollient rich body cream, lotion or butter. I can’t live without my Body Shop Body Butters. I personally LOVE Satsuma, Mango, Coconut, Strawberry and Sweet Lemon!!




Beauty Fabulous Find! Y.E.S. to Grapefruit

May 21st, 2013

So you want to have gorgeous skin but you don’t have the money to afford the high end skin care products highlighted in your favorite fashion magazines. Well, no worries. There are tons of affordable alternatives out there that will keep your skin refreshed, hydrated and renewed without breaking your beauty budget. I am a huge fan of the Y.E.S. to skincare collection. They have several collections ranging from Y.E.S. to Carrots, Y.E.S. to Blueberries and Y.E.S. to Cucumbers. Well now, the newest collection to hit stores is the Y.E.S. to Grapefruit collection. Being that I have a slight obsession with all things grapefruit, I knew this collection would be a winner!

From facial cleansers to body butters, this fully comprehensive face and body collection has all that you will need this summer to maintain gorgeous, healthy skin. You can find Y.E.S. to Grapefruit at mass drug stores nationwide or you can order products online at


Mother’s Day Contest!

May 3rd, 2013

Just in time for Mother’s Day, here is a wonderful contest that’s all about MOM!

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Benefits of Marula – The Leakey Collection

  • Omega-rich with exceptional moisturizing benefits
  • Fast absorbing, light, non-greasy texture
  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • Naturally healing to reduce inflammation and redness
  • Leaves skin soft, supple and glowing
  • Can lead to noticeable improvement in skin’s elasticity and firmness with consistent use
  • Anti-microbial properties make it appropriate for all skin types
  • 50% more antioxidants than Argan oil shown in ORAC testing

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