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This summer, the top trends in T-shirts are fun and bright, with customized T-shirts and bold prints available to make your wardrobe pop with bursts of color. This will not be a conservative season of neutrals and bland beauty: this summer you can let your inner rainbow shine in the latest dazzling shades.

Here are the top 10 T-shirt trends for men and women this summer:


1. Green with Envy—

Make everybody jealous in your shades of green, because any hues from light green to dark emerald are extremely popular right now. T-shirts customized with images of trees and other natural greenery are also being spotted across the country and around the world, mirroring similar natural trends in home décor.


2. Passionate Purples—

Orchid, lavender, violet or periwinkle… whatever version of purple you prefer, it’s on trend and in fashion this summer. Mix a purple-hued T-shirt with white pants or a skirt for a crisp, summery look, or pair it with black for a more urban feel. Some fashionistas are mixing purple with shades of green for an especially vivid vibe.

3. Righteous Retro—

This year is less about vintage and more about retro, so reach back a little further to the 50s and 60s when choosing T-shirt designs or having customized T-shirts made to a time when graphics were strong and simple. The vintage band T-shirt trend that was so hot last year has lost its luster, and has given way to images of pop culture icons and classic advertisements.


4. Original Oranges

The subdued melon and coral shades that have been all the rage for the last few years in clothing have officially changed into a classic orange color—the brighter, the better. Add a tropical, island flair to any outfit with this cheerful citrus hue by pairing it with white and accenting with turquoise.


5. Brilliant Blues—

Again, bright is the key word when choosing blue T-shirts this summer, so go with glowing aquamarine and electric oceanic shades rather than a safe navy or indigo. Blues also look gorgeous when accented by their opposite on the color wheel—the aforementioned orange—so you can wear both fashionable shades at the same time.


6. Boldly Beautiful—

Neon colors are still en vogue and big, bold prints are the best way to deliver them, so if a T-shirt design grabs your attention in a daring way, be brave and wear it. If it looks like it’s too much, it probably isn’t this summer, so go for the gusto.


7. Fabulous Flowers—

Lush, intense floral prints are still being spotted on the runways and fashion-forward celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, so if you love the warm, feminine feel of a flowery frock, consider a T-shirt with floral flair. Be sure to keep your lower half simple to allow the dramatic design to dazzle.


8. Pretty Pinks—

The popular pinks are hot shades like raspberry rather than pale pastel shades, yet are still every bit as girly and youthful. Expect to see hot pink popping up on runways and in home décor this year.


9. Amazing Animals—

Animal prints never seem to go out of style, prompting many savvy shoppers to consider them officially neutrals that go with anything. This summer, look for T-shirts with animal appeal and wear them with everything.


10. Say Yes to Yellow—

Dark yellow with a hint of orange is a favorite this summer, with less of a citrus feel and more of a warm, golden glow. This color can be hard to wear, but don’t forget that adding accessories in this shade can work just as well as a shirt.


The official word in T-shirt trends for this season seems to be bold, with daring, dazzling shades coming in on top of every list. If you want to be a part of this colorful movement, grab the brightest T-shirt you can find and join this summer’s rainbow revolution!

Meghan Lunsford is a professional blogger that shares advice on custom t-shirt printing and design. She writes for Ink Imprints, where you can create your own t-shirt for any occasion.



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