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People are always looking for better ways to lose weight, and keep it off.  We have all tried endless diet methods that may take off some weight at the beginning, but we always gain it back. Why?  One of the reasons is consistency.  Some give up too easy, while others go on and off of it so often that their body doesn’t know they are on a diet at all.

Many times the new way is not always the best.  While there are a number of great ideas for losing weight and staying fit out there, the method that may work the best in the long run is one your grandmother may have used: the “push away method.”  It is called this because it simply means that your grandmother knew when to quit eating and push away from the table.

This sounds uncomprehensibly old-fashioned but here is why it works and how you can try it yourself starting today:

1) The “push-away” diet involves making your own choices.  While other diets restrict you and give you a feeling of loss of control, the “push away method” lets you eat whatever you want, as long as it in in reasonable proportions.  A famous actress, Farrah Fawcett, liked this way of dieting and this is the way she ate all the time and never had a weight problem.  To implement this way of eating, simply eat a little of whatever you want, but limit the amount.  You don’t even have to count calories with this method, as long as you use common sense. Don’t take out second or third helpings though, as this will defeat the purpose.

2) Eat mostly green vegetables and fruits over meats and fats.  We all know meats put on weight for most people much faster than fruits and veggies.  So focus on the good stuff.  Eat lots of fruits, especially raw fruits like apples, oranges, plums, pears, and others with good nutrients in them.  Meat is fine and can be eaten normally with your meal. Just don’t overdo it.

3) Combine your new eating plan with exercise.  Again, this is a common sense method that any doctor will agree with.  If you cut calories or food intake, you will lose weight, but if you combine this with regular exercise, you will lose weight faster!  Try to do some form of aerobic exercise at least 3 times per week, as this will increase your metabolism, and make you feel better, reduce stress and sugar levels, and get you more enthused about losing weight.

4) Watch the amount of extras you pile on.  The “push away” eating plan allows you to put sour cream and butter on your baked potato.  But, again, do this in moderation.  One pat of butter or sour cream is fine, but not 3. Also watch how much salad dressing you put on salads.  Limit the extras you put on your food for the best results.

5) Limit snacks to mainly healthy ones.  The “push away” plan would let you have an occasional candy bar but not as a regular thing.  Skip desserts when you can, chewing a stick of gum instead. Have fruit and nuts for snacks, rather than that bag of potato chips.


Finally, stay with this sensible eating plan all the time, not just once in awhile.  It is consistency that usually pays off.  Think of this as a “way of eating” you follow all the time, rather than a diet.  The very word “diet” carries with it a sense of lack or restriction.  Think of this as a way to free yourself from overeating forever, exercise regularly, and you will feel like a new person.  Just because it is not a diet with a brand name on it, does not mean that it will not work.  After all, if it was good enough for Grandma, it’s good enough for you!

Adam Johnson is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice on fitness and nutrition. He writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness center with locations nationwide.




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