Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!

If you said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” you’d probably be pretty close to accurate so listen up men! Nothing does it better than diamonds.

Sure, she may say “I’d like a ruby for my birthday this year,” or perhaps she might add “emeralds are really nice, and I don’t have one.” Really? She is actually saying to you “if you can’t afford a diamond and you must get me something else, okay then.” Trust us, go for the diamonds.

The nice thing about diamonds is like most things there are varying degrees and the non-super educated on diamonds woman isn’t really going to care so much about the quality, the scratches, the points and so forth. She is going to care you got her a diamond! Or better yet “diamonds.”

Remember she is going to show this off to her girlfriends and she is going to do so by flashing it if it’s a ring, holding it out to catch the light if it is a necklace and holding it up to catch the light if it is a bracelet. Now to the price range. There are prices to fit every budget when it comes to the sparkles of a diamond.

You can find something for just a few hundred dollars at your local privately owned jeweler. You will pay more at a mall type jeweler and if you buy on line you will likely pay less. Seeing and holding in your hand makes a difference so if you are among the less than educated diamond buyer yourself maybe you want to try the locals and get some advice.

Mall jewelers have a very wide selection of the newest and latest stuff. A local jeweler, the guy who buys and sells will have a more eclectic selection. He may have something which just came in the other day from a local estate. Usually when someone needs to sell jewelry to get some quick cash they will either go to a pawn shop or a local jeweler which is not a chain store. Here you can find some of the most exciting and different styles you may never have thought of.

Many women love the vintage styles. Some of the vintage styles are really just “outdated” merchandise and end up being broken up and placed into newer settings. However, at a local store you may find just that right item that will not only sparkle your way to her heart but will be vintage, and yet fashionable enough to make her girlfriends swoon.

Choosing a local, mom and pop, jewelry store has its benefits. There is always a better opportunity to negotiate if the price is just a bit more than you want to pay. Remember too, these folks are getting killed by the Internet and often local mall stores. They need to sell because they need to survive and will often take just a few points of markup to make the sale whereas the mall jeweler will mark up the item substantially and mark it down as a “sale” item.

Article written by Alice Galert – jewelry expert and author of Bluenile reviews and many other jewelry store reviews at



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