The 8 Hottest Beauty Apps for iPhone!


Fashion magazines used to be all women had to turn to for beauty advice, but thanks to modern technology, ladies now have many helpful and fun beauty apps for iPhone to find the best skincare, hair styling or makeup products.

Below are 8 great beauty apps for iPhone and what they can do for you:


1. Hairstyle—

With this app, users snap or upload a photo and try on different hairstyles to get ideas for the next hairdo, or maybe just to have a laugh with friends. With the Hairstyle app for iPhone, you can save favorites to share with your stylist, choosing from 235+ hairstyles and more than 50 different shades.


2. MakeUp Free—

Ever wonder how professional makeup artists give celebrities and models the different looks they rock on the red carpet? Or maybe you’re looking for a flattering, naturally beautiful look but don’t know how to achieve it? If so, MakeUp Free is an app that can help you. With 300 free how-to videos and makeup tips explained and demonstrated by the pros, users can learn how to get any look they desire.


3. Natural Beauty Tips—

This app is especially helpful for for fans of chemical-free, holistic beauty products, giving users 160 skin care tips using only ingredients found in nature. If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate harsh, man-made chemicals well, Natural Beauty Tips would be a great app to help you find natural mask recipes and gentle skin care tips.

4. OPI—

This free app was created by OPI brand nail polish to help users figure out which colors might look best for their next manicure. No more pressure to choose quickly the next time your manicurist asks you which shade you’d like today—now you can walk in knowing ahead of time which polish you’d like. OPI Nail Studio will change nail colors from an assortment of over 200 OPI nail polish colors, and even allows users to change their skin tone to find the most flattering hues.


5. Carmindy—

As the talented makeup artist from the television show What Not to Wear, Carmindy has many great tips to help women look their best naturally, and now she is sharing them with everyone. The Carmindy app allows users to create an avatar to personalize with the best ideas for their face shape and coloring. This app also keeps a shopping list of products for future purchase and offers video tips to teach users how to apply the makeup they’ve chosen.


6. LoveMySkin—

While nobody should ever skip the yearly trip to the dermatologist for a thorough and professional examination of all skin, this app offers users the ability to keep track of the size and shape of moles or other skin imperfections and suspicious areas. If you’ve ever had a pre-cancer or basal cell carcinoma burned or cut off, have red hair, or were sunburned a lot in your youth, you are at a high risk to be one of the 1 in 4 people who will get skin cancer, which could make the LoveMySkin app a really smart purchase.



This app is loaded with beauty information and product advice, with over 280,000 reviews from people who’ve bought beauty products in the database. Before you buy that skincare, hair product or new makeup you’ve been thinking about trying, you can search the app and see what others had to say about it.


8. Beauty Minder—

The Beauty Minder app serves as the personal assistant you wish you had, keeping track of your hair, nail, spa and any other appointments so you can relax and just focus on looking beautiful. This app also allows for notes on favorite places and people, and will map your way to appointments so you never get lost.


Instead of wasting time and money, you can use the above apps to figure out exactly what makeup, skincare and hair styling products to buy before you even leave your home, find an exciting new hairdo, or learn how to apply your makeup like a pro. Have fun!

Ashley Hampton is a professional blogger that provides news and information for cosmetic surgery and Botox in Memphis TN. She writes for Wolf River Plastic Surgery, where Dr. Ronald J. Johnson is known as the best cosmetic surgeon in Memphis TN.



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  1. Tanya says:

    Would’ve wished you also featured some Android apps. Well, I think I can find Android versions of those.

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