I’m Currently Obsessed With…Bliss High Intensity 24-Heaven Body Balm

Spring and summer are seasons where your skin is on display. Gorgeous skin is a must when you’re rocking maxi dresses, bodycon styles and capris. I recently learned of the new launch from Bliss which is an amazing new moisturizer called Bliss High Intensity 24-Heaven Body Balm. This highly emollient, super hydrating body balm features exfoliating lactic acid and soothing oatmeal. This is not your ordinary moisturizer. When you spread this ultra-softening balm on your poor dry, chapped skin, you can expect a full 24-hours worth of moisturization!

As the humidity or heat increases, so does your need for maximum moisture so look to invest in a delicious body cream like this one and you’ll be sporting enviable skin all spring and summer long.

Bliss High Intensity 24-Heaven Body Balm, $35,  Blissworld.com

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