Product Review: Purity of Elements Skincare

One of the most important aspects of spring beauty is fresh, healthy skin. I tend to ramp up my skincare efforts in the spring as I find myself spending more time outdoors which equals more exposure to the elements including the sun, rain and humidity. As a ritual, I love to switch up my wintery cream-based cleansers and heavy duty moisturizers in favor of lighter spring-ready skin care that still pack a powerful punch in the nurturing and protecting department. My new favorite skin care system consists of three skincare products from Purity of Elements, a natural skin care line founded by a mother and daughter duo. What makes Purity of Elements so unique is that unlike other natural or organic lines, this skin care line fuses natural ingredients, essences and antioxidants with scientific elements.

I started my journey towards spring ready skin with the Daily Purifying Polish, $32. This gentle facial scrub has an antioxidant rich formula with Jojoba oil, Mandarin Orange Extract, Soybean Germ Extract and Antioxidant Tea and Berry Blend. The scrub is very lightweight and smells very crisp and clean. I used a pea-sized amount for my face and neck and was very pleased with the consistency. It wasn’t too abrasive or harsh on the skin but at the same time I liked the way it removed any dry, chapped or flaky skin especially around my T-zone area.

After rinsing my face, I then slathered on a generous amount of the Mandarin Marine Moisture Mask, $52 (say that four times fast J) This mask is a clear mask meaning it goes on clear and dries clear. This moisture-rich treatment mask includes Algae Extract, Magnesium, Hyaluronic Acid and Ginger Root for ultra-hydration and skin smoothing results. Along with nourishing skin, this mask also helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while increasing collagen production. After smoothing the mask on my face and neck, I left it on for the allotted time of 10 minutes.

Once the 10 minutes was up, I gently wiped the mask off with a warm facecloth. Next, I applied the Super Charged Copper Serum, $62.  This multi-mineral serum with Copper, Zinc, Magnesium and Hyaluronic Acid is a super skin treatment that clarifies and tones skin while helping to prevent signs of aging. I tapped the lightweight serum onto face just as the directions stated. I then applied my current favorite moisturizer on top of my serum for additional protection.

After just one application of all three products, I can see and feel a difference in my skin. This is my new go-to spring clean regimen. Gorgeous skin, here I come.

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Published on: March 25, 2013

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