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I am always on the hunt for beauty products that work well and are affordable so you don’t have to take out a personal loan just to purchase your beauty necessities. One of my new personal faves has to be VitaBath. Growing up, VitaBath was a part of my mother’s beauty routine. She swore by their skin softening bath washes and shower gels. Several years later, I am now creating my own VitaBath tradition with their newest launch – VitaBath Fragrance Collection. The new Fragrance Collection consists of four scents:

Cupcake Couture: Sweetness – Rich, creamy and decadent are the hallmarks of this sweet fragrance.

Fruit Fanatic: Fruity with a hint of floral – cherries, apples, oranges and grapefruits make the perfect fruity treat.

Bloom: Sensual and feminine – exotic and flirty florals come together with a hint of sea breeze.

Spa Day: Fresh, clean and crisp  – lavender and cucumbers combine for a spa-tastic scent.


Stay tuned for a review!


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Published on: March 26, 2013

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2 Responses to BFF – Beauty Fabulous Find – VitaBath

  1. i like this beauty products but can you telle me how doe’s it cost?

  2. Please check for more information!

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