I’m Currently Obsessed With…Ciate Very Colorfoil Manicure

Known for their innovative take on traditional manicures, Ciate is back at it with the colorfoil manicure. This chic textured manicure incorporates bright foils in a delectable array of carnival-inspired shades and finishes for a look that is out of this world. Inspired by the models swathed in metallic accessories and  head-to-toe gleaming foils during London Fashion week, this new manicure is sure to become an instant hit with beauty fanatics worldwide.

There are three different kits available :

Carnival Couture

  • Foil Fix Glue
  • Paint Pot in Kiss Chase (Carnival Couture)
  • 30 Colorful Foil Sheets in Blaze, Babe, Bounce, Beaut, Bloom, Brill

Kaleidoscope Klash

  • Foil Fix Glue
  • Paint Pot in Peppermintly (Kaleidoscope Klash)
  • 30 Colorful Foil Sheets in Stomp, Splash, Shout, Snog, Sing, Smash


  • Foil Fix Glue
  • Paint Pot in Cream Soda (Wonderland)
  • 30 Colorful Foils in Flash, Fizz, Feisty, Fling, Flirt, Frost

You can purchase this fun manicure kit at Sephora.com or Sephora locations nationwide. Each kit retails for $19.


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