Color Your World – How Color Influences Fashion & Beauty

The fashion and beauty industries are constantly evolving. Innovative ideas appear on the scene, often reflecting the tenor of a nation. These ideas become a trend. In 2013, there is a decided trend toward certain color palettes.

Colors that are taking front and center this year include emerald, dust blue, nectarine, Monaco blue, African violet, grayed jade, poppy red, lemon zest, tender shoots and linen as well as cool blue-green, and pistachio green.

Don’t underestimate the impact of color. It can make you look younger, improve your mood and enhance rather than detract from your appearance. It can warm up or cool down skin.

Color is a trigger. A woman puts on a red cardigan sweater, and it reminds her of a sweater her beloved grandmother wore when she used to snuggle with her. Color evokes memories and emotions.

The ‘it’ color has been tangerine tango, but it is being replaced by Monaco blue, according to the Panton Color Institute’s director Leatrice Eiseman. This blue is nautically-inspired. In addition, pop art-motivated colors such as chartreuse-green and the palest yellow are on the map this year.

Green is thought of as a cool color, but it can become warm when produced in misty jade coupled with lilac and punctuated with pops of chartreuse, sun orange or rich orchid. A misty jade colored ensemble is pastel yet powerful.

Red comes in an array of different shades, from deep blood red to red with orange undertones. Make sure the red you choose is flattering to your skin tone. When a color is ‘trendy’, somewhere within  that trend is the perfect shade for your particular skin tone. Some designers tout blue as the ideal color because nearly everyone  looks good in it.

When purchasing clothing, note whether the color is flattering to your skin tone. Hold the fabric next to your race. Those with fair skin may look washed out in faded hues or neutral pastels. Bold, vivid colors are preferable. If you have olive skin, opt for highly saturated colors in Kelly green, cobalt blue and deep purple. Warm colors may make you look sallow and bland.

Women of all ages would love to have that natural rosy glow even when they’re not feeling particularly well. Vibrant pink is a good choice for most skin tones and perks up the complexion.

Add some sparkle. Diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, cocktails rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets add glisten and glimmer to any wardrobe and perk up even the dullest ensemble. When jewelry is coupled with vibrant colors you are sure to look your best. Some women prefer gold metal while others prefer silver or white gold. Determine which metal most enhances your skin tone and, ultimately, your appearance.

If you are one of those who have a color phobia, start out slowly. Buy a scarf or even a piece of jewelry fashioned out of one of the trendy hues and try it. A shot of color is not going to overwhelm you, and you may discover that it does a lot to compliment your appearance. Try colored denim pants. The color burst is on your lower half and is not as startling as a bold color next to your face.


Jill Smith is a fashion and beauty contributor for several publications and websites and loves to write about picking out the perfect diamond engagement rings.


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