Style File: Zara Not to Offer Plus-Sized Fashions for US Market

I really like Zara. It’s a great option for when you want to buy some of the trendy looks that are dominating the season but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars only to wear the trend for a couple of months. Recently, Zara became the #1 retailer in the world within the fast fashion market. This market includes other notable retailers such as; H&M and Forever 21. Fast fashion is where retailers turn over new collections every two weeks. Fast fashion retailers also maintain prices at low to moderate levels which makes them mass market superstars. Being that Zara has gained this foothold as the #1 fast fashion retailer in the world, you would think they would be doing whatever they could to drive momentum and stay on top.

Wrong! It looks as though the Spanish-based retailer is refusing to offer plus-sized items within their stores. As of right now, the retailer offers clothing up to size XL which according to their size charts is a standard US size 14. If you are over a size 14 and want to rock any of Zara’s fashions, you will unfortunately have to look elsewhere. Zara’s competitors, H&M and Forever 21 have long offered plus-sized options for their customer base as they are well aware that many US women are plus-sized. It was just a short while back when a study on America’s growing waistlines revealed the fact that the average US woman is a size 14.

I am torn about this issue. In some ways, I can understand the outrage from plus-sized women who want to wear clothes from Zara as there are no options in their sizes. However, I can also understand the retailers point of view as they are not a US based retailer and even though they market and sell their clothes to US customers, that in itself doesn’t warrant a need to change their design strategy by introducing plus-sized offerings. I feel as though plus-sized women can look at this in two ways.

1) Zara is just not an option for you so focus on the retailers who do offer plus-size options.

2) Use your desire to rock clothing from Zara as a motivation to lose weight and one day wear the items you covet so much.

I don’t believe in letting life defeat me and giving up just because something seems out of my reach. Take the obstacle of not fitting into your favorite retailer’s clothing as a springboard to start living a healthier life and shedding the pounds. Trust me, you will feel better, look better and be able to shop better when you do. Life is all about how you handle opposition!

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Published on: November 19, 2012

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