Beauty by the Book: Halloween Tutorial – Barbie

Are you a Barbie girl? I know I am! I had tons of Barbies growing up and loved each and every single one until I reached the age of 11 and Barbies were no longer cool anymore. Barbie is an iconic part of Americana in that she symbolizes femininity, beauty and being a girl in the modern American world. Barbie had it all – from cool friends, a great boyfriend and even a fiesty little sister who loved to emulate her every move. She also had the best cars, a dope beach house and even owned her own McDonalds (I wish I could find the Barbie McDonald’s I used to own – I miss it so much). If you’re jonesin’ for some Barbie style this Halloween and want to dress up like your favorite plastic princess, you have to check out this fun makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween.
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Published on: October 18, 2012

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