Reality TV and Domestic Violence

Over the past few weeks, the issue of domestic violence and women of color has been all over the news. Most recently, Evelyn Lozada from VH1’s “Basketball Wives” has been the center of the gossip blogs, cable news shows and radio talkshow discussions. She just split from new husband, NFL-baller Chad Johnson, after a physical altercation that lead to her calling the police for her safety. Everyone had an opinion about the incident between the two reality tv stars but one thing is true no matter how you feel about Evelyn or Chad, nothing can justify someone being physically battered or abused. It doesn’t matter how heated the argument becomes, there is never a justifiable reason to place hands on anyone – male or female. Evelyn’s track record over the years as a hothead with a serious anger management problem doesn’t warrant her getting abused by her man. She does however have to own up to her own physical abuse of other women which is also unnecessary and unacceptable. All in all, the need for individuals to place hands on another person leads me to believe that there is a basic communication issue and a lack of knowing how to properly express themselves.

It’s like those people you know who curse all the time. They use curse words because they don’t know how to say what they mean in a mature, adult manner. Another recent domestic violence episode that is currently playing itself out on reality tv is with K. Michelle of the VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”. She alleges that her ex-man Memphitz physically abused her during their relationship. Unfortunately, one of her fellow castmembers – Rasheeda doesn’t believe her as she is close friends with Memphitz and his new wife Toya – the ex-wife of Lil’ Wayne. All I can say is that it’s sad that any woman has to prove whether or not a man put his hands on her. About 99% of women are not going to make up a lie about someone abusing them. It’s embarrassing, humiliating, sad and a very depressing situation for any woman to undergo. That 1% that would lie about the issue are very rare and have deep psychological issues.

All in all, I want to express myself by saying that it is never okay for a woman or man to be abused by their partner. If you have been abused or suspect that someone close to you is being abused by their partner, please step forward and tell someone.

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  1. Michelle Lewis says:

    Aug. 2011 I recieved my last and life changing beating from my now ex boyfriend my children came looking for me because I wasn’t answering my phone they saved my life! I have TBI 2 bulged disks in my back a pinched nerve in my left ankle nerve damage lossof taste loss of balance loss of my job unemployment has ended I see a neurologist monthly he says since I had the simp toms for 2 years I won’t get better my daughters called the police while I was in the hospital I didn’t press charges I don’t know why there are 2 weeks missing from my mind I don’t remember being in the hospital or talking to police or anything he did to me I have applied for disability it’s a long process though lost my medical when I lost my job I’m hoping the Medicare I receive free will cover my neurologist the state medical I had did not cover my neurologist or medication I have a lot of medical bills and now with no unemployment I can’t pay my apartment rent or bills I’m trying to find an attorney to sue him he has no assets but a job layers won’t take my case because he has no assets please help 702-349-1995 7551 w charleston blvd #57 Las Vegas NV 89117

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