Beauty News: Pink is the newest CoverGirl!

As a fan of CoverGirl and of Pink, I never thought I would see the two merge but today’s exciting news makes this dream a reality and I am really loving it! Pink is one of the few artists on the scene who doesn’t let the music business or fame go to her head. I love that she lives in her own truth and reality and even pokes fun at the ridiculousness called Hollywood that so many other artists get gobbled up by. Her authenticity, honesty and edginess make her a rebel which also makes her a great spokesperson for CoverGirl. CoverGirl goes beyond just pretty faces and likes to showcase women who are leaders, fearless and original. Pink now joins the ranks of other fearless women such as Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah and many more! She recently spoke about this new endorsement deal:

“I have a lot to celebrate. I called my new albumThe Truth About Love, and the truth is that I have my beautiful family and baby girl, my new music, and now my partnership with COVERGIRL to love,” said P!nk. “Joining a group of women who have always inspired me –to laugh out loud, let my guard down, or play around with my beauty look – is such an honor.”

Pink has come a long way and is definitely making strides as she continues to mature and grow! Congrats Pink!


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Published on: August 6, 2012

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