Sweet Tea: Letter to Atlanta – Please Stop Now!

Dear Atlanta,

You are known as the Jewel of the South. The Black Mecca. Black Hollywood. The Promise Land. You are also becoming known as the city where cheap reality shows are mass-produced and fed to the public in sickening doses that have everyone feeling queasy. It all started with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The angry black woman without a man and way too many designer bags became the stereotype that prevailed because of that show. Next is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta which blows RHOA out of the water with its ghetto protrayals of women in the world of hip hop. Come on, really? Is that what women in the hip hop game have been relegated to? Girlfriends, mistresses, baby mamas, wanna-be rappers and all out prostitutes? What about the publicists, promoters, journalists, producers, sound engineers, writers, record label execs, marketing execs, makeup artists and stylists who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our favorite hip hop acts on their grind?

Now, we have The Real Mistresses of Atlanta. OMG! Now this is taking things to a new low. In no way should Atlanta be the city where mistresses are applauded and placed on a pedastal for young girls to emulate. In the past, mistresses were women who lived in the shadows and for good reason. They were cheap, immoral ladies who didn’t care about the lives they were destroying. I am so sad to see that you are allowing your beautiful city to be painted as a den of inequity. If I was living somewhere else and kept watching these shows, Atlanta would be the last place I would want to go¬†with its never-ending stream of groupie chicks, strippers, porn girls and mistresses running the streets. What makes this show even more despicable is that they show married men tricking off their money on these girls. How awful is that?

I think the answer to this issue is to boycott these shows until the networks realize that they can’t keep degrading audiences and Atlanta with these negative protrayals.


Linda Ripoll

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