Sweet Tea: Tami Roman of VH1’s Basketball Wives Suffered a Mild Heart Attack

As soon as the news hit the net, I was a bit skeptical but after doing my research it seems as though this wild, far-fetched story is unfortunately true. Tami Roman, the most hated and talked about star on VH1’s reality show Basketball Wives recently suffered a mild heart attack while in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the reality star wasn’t feeling well and headed over to Cedar Sanai Hospital. After doing several tests, the doctors confirmed that the 41 year-old mother of two had actually suffered a mild heart attack and that she did the right thing by admitting herself to the hospital as she may not have made it if she didn’t. This all comes after a very disturbing episode of the Basketball Wives aired recently with Tami bullying Keisha to the point of severity and total disgust. Many viewers were outraged to watch her attack Keisha in such a violent way especially when Keisha did not evoke any of the violence that was thrusted in her direction. You know what they say about Karma, right?

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Published on: May 21, 2012

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