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Sweet Tea: It’s Official Kim and Kanye are a Couple!

Kim and Kanye are a "real" couple!

I’m sure plenty of you have been wondering why I haven’t discussed the pairing of reality TV star and all around media obsessed celebutante Kim Kardashian and rap phenomenon and burgeoning fashion designer Kanye West. Well, I wanted to wait and see if they were really together or just playing the role only to disclaim that they were only friends and nothing more. After last night’s photos of the two in attendance together at Scott Disick’s restaurant opening in New York, it’s plain to see that these two are certainly an item.

Here’s the issue I have. Kanye and Kim are both media fanatics. They love to be in the press and to have their pictures snapped away by thousands of paparazzi so this “relationship” could merely be their way of staying relevant and sparking some excitement in the world of entertainment. The only way I will give this relationship any real legs is if Kim doesn’t find a way to tape their newfound relationship for her E! reality show. Only time will tell. Not betting on this one though!

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