I’m Currently Obsessed With…Louis Vuitton Epi Alma in Cyan

I have had a love affair with Louis Vuitton for the past twenty years. I love the rich, supple leather, the high-end designs and the iconic logo which symbolizes sophistication, class and style. Going with the trend of color that has dominated every aspect of style, Louis Vuitton recently unveiled a new color collection of their popular epi leather alma handbag. This classic style gets an electric new look with the help of bold, vibrant leathers in a rainbow of shades. This new color collection is the perfect way to add some life to your look without totally dipping your wardrobe in head to toe color.

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  1. hottladywthstang says:

    I was obsessed with this when I saw the color in store and the purple one as well. And this kind comes with feet! I recently got it thru Saks. You gotta remember that saks and bloomingdales has boutiques so the LV store had no stock but the Boutique did. I got mine right before the weekend of the price increase. Whew! I’m almost afraid to wear it in public. It, like my speedy I keep in the dust bag in a box with all my other bags. It’s just so luxurious to look at. In different light it changes shades but when you go outside it’s like BAM! This is my second LV and it’s just really beautiful.

  2. counterculture says:

    You have great taste!!!! Yes, this style is truly gorgeous! So classy and simple yet it has a fashion forward vibe that catches everyone’s attention! Love it!

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