Fuller Hair in Five Simple Steps

In parenting circles, there is an ongoing discussion of nature as opposed to nurture. The premise of the argument is that some think the way a child develops is solely due to genetics, whereas others believe a child turns out the way he or she does simply as a result of good or bad parenting. The real answer, most parents would say, lies somewherein between these two options.

The same holds true in haircare. Do you have thinning hair that you’d like to be fuller? Well, there is an extent to which thinning hair is a part of your genetic makeup. There is another sense in which you can actively improve the quality of your hair, however. This is the good news for women who fear their luscious locks are running thin: There are things you can do right now to nurture a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Consider these five simple techniques:

  • Conditioning correctly is something that goes a long way. Some conditioners are better than others, particularly for those combating thinning hair. If your hair is pretty fine, look for a leave-in spray conditioner. This might actually
    work wonders for your overall hair care regiment!
  • Dry shampoo can also prove useful. Try this: Flip your hair upside down and mist your roots with some dry, powder shampoo. Then toss your hair a bit, just with your fingers. That powder will add a little heft and body.
  • You can even add volume simply by altering the way you blow-dry your hair. Here’s how: Turn your hair upside down and start drying it, starting at the roots, as you brush it. Move your way from the roots up the length of hair. The heat will strengthen the roots and help your hair stay “lifted” even once you flip it back over!
  • Here’s a tip that might surprise you. Overuse of hairspray can often weight down your hair. Use the stuff sparingly—focusing just on the roots and the crown.
  • A final tip is to use color to add the appearance of greater volume. Hair that is just one color often looks thinner, like it has less volume. Get some hair color and use it only along the root line, covering grays and the like. This will also create the appearance of more volume.

You may not be blessed with the kinds of genetics you needfor the full, thick head of hair you dream of. But you don’t have to tak genetics as the final word. You can follow these simple steps to create stronger, healthier hair—hair with a much greater appearance of volume. You might be surprised at what a difference these basic haircare techniques can actually make!

“This was a guest post by Trina Coccarelli at Keranique the solution for hair thinning for women.”

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Published on: April 26, 2012

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2 Responses to Fuller Hair in Five Simple Steps

  1. Alicia says:

    Tips are on KEY! Im a late 20’s super fine super thin haired blonde! Even having a great natural blonde hue I have to have highlights to save time and money. The non dramatic highlights need to be done by a pro bc of my fine hair can easily be over done and damaged if I keep up the routine at home. They effortlessly thickin the hair at the crown and keep oils from being obvious even on hot summer days! Therefore it saves me money in the products I dont have to buy and time by only flipping my hair during blowdry. Routine is supe simplified and keeps my hair healthy! Excellent advice from this blog!

  2. counterculture says:

    Thank you!!! I’m so glad you liked the piece!

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