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Trend Report: Man Manicures? Hot or Not?

Seal is one of the newest male celebs to rock the man mani!

I’m not sure how I feel about men rocking manicures unless their rock stars, punk rockers or male models for an editorial fashion shoot. The idea of your average Joe wearing nail polish is an entirely different situation. First off, most men wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing nail polish, especially any colors other than black or grey as this might be seen as feminine. Seal is rocking the hottest color for spring, yellow but it works for him as he has a rocker edge and a definite fashion sensibility that works well with the avante garde. It also helps that he is European. It seems as though Euro men can get away with so much more stylewise than their American counterparts.What do you think? Can men rock manicures like Seal or is this just a trend for those in the music and entertainment biz?

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