I’m Currently Obsessed With…Pink in PANTONE Barbie

Pink in Pantone Barbie, $49.95, www.barbiecollector.com

Okay, so I am a grown woman in my mid-thirties but whenever I see a new Barbie, I just lose it! LOL. I recently received an email about the new Pink in Pantone Barbie which was exclusively created for Barbie Collectors. This high fashion Barbie is draped in a custom-made gown inspired by PANTONE color chips that can seen cascading down her dress and fashioned to look like a floral accent. She’s rocking a fly pair of white peep-toe pumps with black ankle straps and pink soles. Her black and silver bangles add a decidely fashion forward flair to her sexy look and her pin straight blond locks are reminscent of fashion icon and designer Donatella Versace. I really love this Barbie! She’s every fashionista’s dream!

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