Product Review: Jason Natural Glycerin Rosewater Satin Bath Wash

Jason Natural, Rosewater Glycerin Satin Bath Wash, 30oz, $13.49,

Organic and natural products have quickly risen to the top of my must-have list these past few years. There are so many wonderfully crafted natural beauty products available; one has no excuse as to why they can’t go green. My newest fave is Jason’s Naturals Rosewater Satin Body Wash. This body wash is delectable and lightweight yet leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth without the harsh chemicals found in most bath and body products. The gorgeous combination of chamomile, rosewater, sunflower, apricot and vitamin E oils come together to create a delicate yet cleansing bath wash that doubles as a wonderful bubble bath. I highly recommend this product especially for those with sensitive skin or who are looking to scale back on products rife with parabens and other chemicals.

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Published on: January 31, 2012

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