Beauty Fabulous Find: Suave Body Wash

Sauve, Body Wash, $2.99,

I love body wash! I am such a body wash addict, I could never imagine having to be relegated to washing with soap – ugh! Even though there are countless options on the market, some fare better than others. My latest favorite is Suave Body Washes. First off, they come in a fabulous array of scents so there’s something for everyone. From fruity to fresh and sweet, you can pick a new scent for every day of the week. Secondly, they lather up so nicely. With just one squeeze of some body wash on my pouf, I have tons of foamy goodness from head to toe. Last but not least, they leave my skin feeling super duper soft and smelling sweet. Also they don’t cost an arm and a leg so you can purchase two or three bottles at a time and not have to ask your friends for a loan to make it through the rest of the week. Try them out, you’ll fall in love with them too!

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Published on: December 2, 2011

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