Style File: Rihanna Rocks the Ultimate Fendi Clutch

Rihanna "Clutches" a Hot New Fendi Clutch

I heart Fendi! It was the first designer purse I ever purchased and the iconic Zucca logo took me through 2000-2004 in style. I toted my Fendi baguette everywhere I went and felt like I was living large even though there was nothing but a pack of gum, some lip gloss and an empty wallet inside – lol. Fast forward to the future and I cannot help but get a twinge of excitement when I spotted this gorgeous Fendi Zucca Clutch in the arms of Rihanna. It’s the perfect statement bag that will add that designer appeal to any look. I love clutches as they are modern, sophisticated and very on trend. This might be one of those items that goes on my IT Girl Wish List- that’s the list that I created for all of the items and experiences I will obtain within the next five to ten years! This bag is a classic and one that will never go out of style which means it’s a worthwhile investment and one that I would surely make in a moment’s notice!

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Published on: July 26, 2011

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