Product Review: Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum

Straight, sleek tresses can be yours with the right styling aid.

We curly girls have it rough during the summer season. Although we have the option of wearing our curls during the hot, humid days ahead, it’s a bit tougher to rock the straight look since the slightest hint of moisture equals a complete frizzy mess. Well, I have a remedy for that! Just this past holiday weekend, I went through my product closet in search of a product that would help seal out the moisture while keeping my hair silky, soft and shiny after straightening it. Twisted Sista’s Different Strokes Serum was the product I decided to try and I am so glad I gave it a whirl. Typically, serums haven’t been a good option for my hair when straightening it. They can weigh my hair down and cause it to look greasy which is not the effect I am ever going for.

Twisted Sista, Different Strokes Serum, $4.49,

The Twisted Sista Different Stroke Serum is different in that is very lightweight and not greasy, sticky or thick. After washing and conditioning my hair, I pumped a dime-sized amount of serum into the palm of my hand and ran my hands through my damp hair. I made sure to coat the ends and the sides of my hair since these are the two areas where frizziness seem to start. I let my hair air-dry and then started my straightening process. With the first pass of the flat iron, I was immediately thrilled with how soft, shiny and smooth my hair looked. After I finished straightening my hair, I knew this would be my go-to product for the remainder of the summer. Also, what’s super cool about this serum is that it has a UV filter which protects hair from damaging UV rays. Also, this serum can be used on straight or curly hair so this product will be in heavy rotation in my hair care routine! I highly recommend this serum for any curly girl who wants to get the best results when wearing their hair straight or curly this summer!

2 Responses to Product Review: Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum

  1. DJ says:

    Where did you purchase this product?

  2. counterculture says:

    You can purchase this product at Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Duane Reade

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