Why Be Clean When You Could Be Dirty?

Lush, Dirty Collection, $9.95-$19.95, www.lush.com

Have you ever wanted to swipe your boyfriend or husband’s body products because they make him smell like a million bucks and you wonder if they would do the same for you? There’s something wonderfully delicious about the lingering smell of your man’s cologne or soap on your skin that will make you contemplate stealing his favorite products. Well, LUSH is launching a new collection that will curb any desire to lift your man’s products since the two of you will be able to share these items together! Dirty is their newest product line which is a unisex offering that goes the distance no matter what your gender. The scent of the items is fresh, invigorating and perfect for summer.

The Dirty collection includes:

  • Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel ($9.95 for 3.3oz, $17.95 for 8.4oz, $26.95 for 16.9oz)
    Don’t be a dirty rotten scoundrel.  Recreate your very own mountain spring and wash with this tingly, softening, minty shower gel that contains spearmint, thyme, and sea salt.  
  • Dirty Shaving Cream ($12.95)
    Shave it all off using our ultra-softening oats and benzoin shaving cream.  There’s also lavender and sandalwood in there to soothe any irritations.  
  • Dirty Hair Gel ($12.95)
    Refresh your coif with our conditioning and softening, firm hold styling product.  Made with fair trade coconut oil, linseed gel and balm herb infusion for the perfect just-got-out-of bed style.
  • Dirty Body Spray ($19.95)
    If you don’t have the time for a full-on Dirty routine in the morning, take a quickie instead and spritz yourself liberally with this body spray before you head out the door.  No one will ever know.

For more information or to purchase this collection, visit LUSH.

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Published on: May 19, 2011

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