Sweet Tea: Kim Kardashian is Engaged to Kris Humphries!

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries in NYC March 27.

Ever since these two hooked up last year, the rumor mill has been churning with news that they would eventually make it down the aisle. Well, it’s official! Kris popped the question at Kim’s home in her bedroom spelled out in roses! Of course Kim said yes, especially when he brought out the 20 carat diamond stunner!!!! 20 carats is outrageously big but that’s what a woman like Kim Kardashian wants, right? The two have been dating for a little over a year or so and are definitely in love. Kim has recently been house-hunting in New Jersey since Kris plays for the New Jersey Nets. Congratulations to the happy couple and we wish Kim and Kris a happy life and a beautiful wedding! Looks like Kourtney’s going to be the last Kardashian left to get hitched!

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Published on: May 25, 2011

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2 Responses to Sweet Tea: Kim Kardashian is Engaged to Kris Humphries!

  1. My birthday is next month and i want to find a club thats fancy and cool

  2. Can’t quite decide what to wear for Halloween yet, but this article makes me excited.

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