Product Review: Bodycology Hydrating Body Wash

Bodycology Rich & Creamy Hydrating Body Wash, $4.99,

I love taking a nice hot shower after a long day. It settles me down and gets me ready for a relaxing evening. I recently ran out of my body wash but was so thrilled to replace it with the new Bodycology Rich & Creamy Hydrating Body Wash. It comes in a gigantic bottle so I don’t have to worry about running through all the product in a few washes. The consistency is creamy, thick and very moisturizing. I squeezed a dollop of the product onto my loofah sponge and within minutes I was covered from head to toe in a silky, smooth lather. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance which is great as sometimes you just want that fresh, clean feeling. It left my skin super soft, smooth and very hydrated. I didn’t have to smother my body with lotion like I ususally do whenever I use soap or perfumed body washes. It is a fantastic product and I recommend it for anyone who desires gorgeous, clean skin!

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Published on: May 3, 2011

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