Product Review: Argan Magic Restorative Mask

With spring cleaning on my mind, I knew it was time to change up my hair care routine. What worked for me in the winter doesn’t necessarily carry over to the spring. Plus, our hair gets used to products after three months or so, which means that you need to rotate your hair care products every three months in order to achieve the maximum results. Well, luckily for me, I always have a new product handy to try out when its time to change my regimen. Last night, I gave my new hair mask a try!

After shampooing my hair with a moisturizing shampoo, I rinsed it out and then I applied a dollop of the restorative mask to my sopping wet hair. I continued on with my shower as the directions on the mask call for you to leave it on the hair for at least 5 minutes or longer. After five minutes was up, I rinsed out the restorative mask which was very creamy and thick. It coated each and every strand of my hair effortlessly. I loved how soft and silky my hair felt and my curls were absolutely gorgeous – ringlets from root to tip. It’s a wonderful treatment product and I plan on adding this to my regimen once a week – especially now that the weather is warming up which means increased humidity which equals very dry, frizzy hair!

Argan Magic Restorative Hair Mask – $18 –

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Published on: March 22, 2011

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3 Responses to Product Review: Argan Magic Restorative Mask

  1. Tanya Maria says:

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  2. Alyssa says:

    Just bought it and am about to try it out. It sounds great and I’m excited! I know it is retailed for around 16-18$ but I went to marshals and got it for, no, not ten but 7.99! They have great deals on hair products. Most chi stuff is the same price! Thanks for the help, really enjoyed!

  3. counterculture says:

    You will love it! Let me know what you think when you try it!

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