StyleFile: Lady Gaga Costume Set to Be Number One Seller This Halloween


You know you’ve hit superstar status when you’re set to be the top-selling Halloween costume of the year. Lady Gaga has truly taken her popularity and parlayed into iconography as she is one of the most highly recognizable and most popular entertainers on the planet right now. I am such a big Lady Gaga fan only because she is living, breathing performance art and gives her audience a show of a lifetime. From her over the top fashion to her heavy handed makeup looks, she is not afraid to look different, strange, sometimes ugly even to get her point across- beauty comes in every shape, size, color and style – there’s no such thing as a standard of beauty in Gaga’s world! Love it!

Peep some of the various Gaga costumes available for Halloween



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Published on: October 26, 2010

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