StyleFile: Discount Designer Stores Caught Selling Replica Bags! Oh My!


I came across this story yesterday on Styleite and was completely and utterly shocked by the news! Supposedly, a young woman went to Century 21 (a large discount designer retailer in the tri-state area) and purchased a Foley + Corrina bag for her sister. After giving her sister the gorgeous new bag, her sister wanted to purchase a longer strap for it so the two decided to go to the Foley + Corinna store in NYC.

The saleskeeper shocked the two girls when she told them that the Foley + Corinna bag they had purchased was a fake. She was able to figure this out by the lining on the inside of the purse and from the fact that they do not deal with Century 21. So, the girls contacted someone at Century 21 corporate regarding this situation and they are diligently pursuing things through their handbags buyer and vendors.

Not to be outdone, several luxury companies have sued designer discount retailers recently regarding the selling of counterfeit purses including; TJ Maxx and Marshalls who were accused of selling fake Burberrys, Filene’s lost a suit to Fendi and even Neiman Marcus was accused of selling someone a fake Gucci! The thought of getting a fake Gucci from Neiman’s is truly insane! If you can’t get your real luxury handbags at Neiman’s, then where can you get them?

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Published on: October 6, 2010

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