Fresh New Face: Maya Fahey

Maya Fahey

At first glance, Maya Fahey looks like your traditional All-American girl. She’s blonde with blue eyes and has that girl next door quality that lights up a room. Well, in many ways, Maya actually is an All-American girl in the sense that she is a quarter African-American. Maya is the daughter of Victoria Rowell of Young and the Restless fame. Her mother Victoria is biracial and her father is white. She is a beautiful example of how unique our community is!

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Published on: October 15, 2010

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16 Responses to Fresh New Face: Maya Fahey

  1. perri says:

    Whenever I look at Chloe Sevigny I wonder if she’s part black. I’m sure that would sound far-fetched to some, but I’m immediately reminded of Victoria Rowell’s daughter, Maya’s phenotype. (That’s how I found this post.) Genetics is a curious thing. Anything’s possible.

  2. henrique says:

    sei la e dificil e mae e linda morena gostosa mas para saber dequem ela herdou eeses olhos azuiz eu nao sei e o pai pode ser mas nao encontra ele nas pesquisa do google mas nem a pau que raiva

  3. Taylor Ellerbe says:

    I think it is funny how here in the US we are always putting people in a box. People come in all shades and hair textures. All races here seem to think if you have a small bit of African acestry that you are black. That would mean that all Puerto Ricans are Black, Over 50 % of Mexicans are Black, ( see Black in Latin America: Mexico) Many so call Whites are Black. I have friends that ” Pass for White” whatever that means. Why can’t we stop this. How can we be united when we always have to check a box saying what we are. OK what am I : Great grandmother African, Great grandfather White Irish, Grandmother married a German and Mother married and American White, What box should I check? Oh I married a Asian. My children look White not even Asian.. What box should they check.

  4. counterculture says:

    Well, see that’s the problem with this country. We have a really antiquated view on race and ethnicity. The One Drop rule really isn’t a biological rule but one created by slaveowners to maximize the number of slaves they owned. Think about it, most of us are mixed race in this country and we need to start embracing our diverse heritage rather than worrying about what racial group we belong to. I tell people that I am human when they ask me what I am. That might be a good response for you to teach your little ones. Their racial background is just one aspect of who they are and shouldn’t be the only thing that defines who they are. Hopefully we are moving towards a progressive future where race and racial lineage will be a thing of the past.

  5. bd73 says:

    i don’t get the notion that she ‘seems all-american, but’. i’m black and i’m as all-american as anyone else. nationality and race cannot be synonymous in america. they just can’t. maya fahey is no more all-american looking than her mother.

  6. Allmixedup says:

    Taylor, Check them all; all that apply to you. My husband is Mexican which means he has native indians (aztec, maya) on his side, black (yes there were and are blacks in Mexico) and of course Spaniards (we know how busy their azzes were). He is white looking in skin and hair. Often mistaken for Italian or PR since he’s not short. My side has “black” and native american on both sides and I found out that my maturnal grandfather was actually half Scotts Irish and cherokee. He just went by NA to marry my AA grandmother since whites could not marry blacks. So, like they used to say “No one care if a N*gga and and Ingin got married. So that’s NA, AA, Scotts Irish and that’s just what we know of for me. Then theirs our kids……all shades, features and hair textures but in America, it’s either white or black cause Hey, coffee with cream is still coffee and Hispanic is not a race. So…………..Check them away. That’s what we did.

  7. counterculture says:

    Boy can I relate to you and your family! Being Creole – we are a hodge podge of everything and then some! It’s a beautiful thing being mixed race and its definitely something to celebrate and not be ashamed of!

  8. She's not black says:

    The problem with this post is that Victoria Rowell said in her biography that Maya Fahey is adopted. So there you go. She’s not black at all, not biologically. She is 100% white.

  9. Not true. In several interviews Victoria has commented on the fact that she is her biological daughter. Victoria Rowell is biracial and her first husband was a white man which makes her daughter’s features completely normal and expected. See video clip

  10. Young Herschel says:

    I remember when Phil Donahue had Maya Fahey & Victoria Rowell on his talk show as a toddler – she was so impossibly white and had fine golden blonde hair. But the entire episode was filled with bi-racial kids who looked entirely like their fathers. Maya Fahey has unrivaled white genes because she is descended from the Mayflower pilgrims as a matter of fact.

  11. she is part black dumbass says:

    how ignorant of you to lie and say that Victoria Rowell adopted her daughter Maya Fahey,, She carried her for nine months and gave birth to her… how dare you take away what she went through giving birth to her child… which im sure is a sacred cherished moment for her as well as Tom Fahey, Maya’s father.
    This is her child you RETARD… just face the fact that white people like you are ignorant and have been since the beginning of time… genetics are genetics dumbass.
    stop being jealous and leave that family alone… it has nothing to do with you.
    Do your research… Mayas birth was actually filmed… should Victoria share that sacred film with the media just to satisfy dumbasses like you?
    i think not. You sound incredibly ignorant.

  12. LADY BRITANNIA says:

    What on earth is Young Herschel babbling on about – “unrivaled white genes”??????? “Pilgrim Fathers”?????? What utter drivel. This person sounds like a reject of the Hitler Youth. Genes are are wonderful thing and there are no rules, this concept cannot be understood by the likes of Herschel who obviously believes in every stereotype going!

  13. katrina says:

    people are people just have a good heart and put faith in god and never look down on other people that make you beaitful

  14. Lorna says:

    Maya is her father’s child and not genetically related to Vikki

  15. Sarcasmo says:

    Listen!! You racist jackass who said Maya is adopted, she is NOT!!

    She is Victoria’s biological daughter, jerk!!

    Don’t be jealous, because your kids don’t look as good.

  16. Sarcasmo says:

    Katrina, well said…

    Humanity can learn a lesson from you.

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