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The world of fashion is truly a fickle one. Every second there is a new trend, new designer, new it girl and new muse in the spotlight waiting for their fifteen fashionable minutes of fame. Fortunately, there are some trends that are here to stay and one of those growing trends is the influx of Asian designers in the American fashion marketplace. With American fashion being one that encompasses so many different viewpoints, I solidly welcome the various aesthetics and style created by the up and coming Asian designers of today!

Some of the industry’s best work is being produced by cutting edge, innovative designers who happen to be Asian and have garnered both critical and commercial success.

Over the holiday weekend, Styleite posted this interesting article about the rise in Asian designers and their future in the world of fashion:

In a year when all three of the CFDA’s Swarovski Awards went to Asian-Americans (Wang for accessories, Wu for womenswear and Richard Chai for menswear), a definite change can be seen in the American fashion landscape. Why now, you say? The Times makes a really interesting connection:

This has happened largely for the same reason that the New York fashion industry, through the ’80s, was populated most visibly by designers of Jewish heritage, like Calvin Klein, Ms. Karan, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Mr. Kors. Throughout the 20th century, generations of Jewish immigrants had created a thriving garment district in New York, first as laborers, then as factory owners, manufacturers, retailers and, eventually, as designers. Many of today’s Asian-American designers say they experienced a similar evolution from the factory to the catwalk, since some of their parents and grandparents were once involved in the production of clothes.

I am happy to see that there are more and more opportunities for designers of all races, ethnicities, genders, nationalities and sexualities. Fashion is not about the color of your skin but is about the rhythm of the drum that you happily follow day in and day out.

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Published on: September 7, 2010

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  1. Mezcla Abrigo largo de plumas y traje partido, no sólo alargan la visión, con el oscuro también es más delgada. Si el miedo a cuerpo llevaba parecía demasiado oscuro, puede usar medias con zapatos retro impresos, mostrando si implícita, si obvia femenino.

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