WTH? Lace Front Wigs for Babies?


Okay. I have to go in on this issue hardcore. I think every woman has her own right to choose how she wants to wear her hair. She can rock a weave, extensions, pieces or wigs since its her life and her choice. When it comes to babies and children though, I have to draw the line. This is a perfect example of how a young girl’s self-esteem becomes tarnished before she even gets to understand who she really is. This beautiful little child is being told by her parents that her natural hair isn’t good enough. They decided to glue a lacefront wig on their daughter in the attempts of her giving her a full head of long flowing hair that looks absolutely ridiculous!

The mother and father of this child should be ashamed of themselves! I’m sure neither one of them has long flowing locks so why put that type of pressure and expectation on their daughter. This picture really made me see how far we have to go as a people to stop trying to be like everyone else and learn to love ourselves just the way we are.

Thoughts? Rants? Let your feelings be known!

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Published on: August 11, 2010

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