Top Hats Will Keep Your Girls Covered


Okay ladies, we all have been there. We’re wearing a super low-cut top or a sheer ensemble that unfortunately puts out girls in prime position for serious exposure. Even though you may see models in magazines and celebrities on red carpets flashing their headlights, its not a good idea for the every day fashionista to get caught working her high beams. Well, thanks to Top Hats Nipple Covers, you will never have to worry about that embarassing situation again.


Top Hats Nipple Covers are silicone pads that adhere to the skin and cover the nipple area so that you aren’t exposing your assets to the world on those days you decide to get a little bit daring in your designer low cut top. These are truly a lifesaver and a must have in your fashion arsenal as they will keep you looking pretty and sweet rather than trashy and vulgar.

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Published on: May 18, 2010

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