Cinco De Mayo Beauty Tips




In honor of Cinco de Mayo, one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to give you some useful tips on how to look your best while you’re throwing back those Patron Silver Cadillac Margaritas!

1. After applying your foundation, be sure to set it with translucent powder – this will help minimize oiliness and that dreaded shine that occurs midway through the night. Also, it helps your makeup to stay put no matter how long you’re dancing on the bar.

2. Mascara has to be waterproof for two very important reasons! The first reason is that after imbibing several shots of tequila, you may wind up pouring out your soul to friends or lovers and that can include tears of joy, sadness or a mix of both. The second reason is the sweat-inducing, dance all night action that is sure to take place at whichever bar, lounge or club you happen to be at.

3. Instead of worrying about reapplying your lipstick a thousand times, try this method instead: line lips with neutral lip liner, fill in with a natural-looking lip stain and then apply a nice clear gloss over. Whenever you need to apply gloss, it will be a quick swipe and you’re done!

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Published on: May 5, 2010

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