Pantene’s Searching For the Next Reality Hair Star? Could It Be You?



What woman hasn’t grown up with the iconic Pantene commercials that featured gorgeous glossy locks that flowed like silk over a model’s shoulder, making you rush to your local drugstore to pick up the latest Pantene shampoo and conditioner? Pantene is a brand that has built its reputation on producing salon quality hair care products at an affordable price point.

With the latest launch to find the next Pantene spokesperson, they are delving into the world of entertainment and reality television by creating their own reality show.


Starting today, April 2nd,  through April 18th, consumers will have the opportunity to tell Pantene why they should be the first reality hair star by uploading a video to  America will have the chance to vote on their favorite videos to help choose the winner and fan favorite videos will be chosen daily.  All video submissions will be evaluated and 12 semi finalists will be flown to NYC for an in-person test shoot in May.  Don’t forget, all applicants must add at the end of the video: “That’s why I am the first reality hair star!”  The first-of-its-kind LIVE television ad will air on May 25th on a major national network.

 Stay tuned for videos from surprising guests who think they could be Pantene’s first reality hair star, like this “real housewife”: (video on the homepage)

Personally, I am pulling for a curly girl or at least a wavy mama as we women with textured hair rarely get the props for having naturally beautiful hair! Go Pantene, may the best head of hair win!

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Published on: April 2, 2010

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