Oscar Slam 2010


You had to know that if there is a Best Dressed list, there has to be a Worst Dressed list right behind it – its the law of nature! Mariah Carey tops my list of Worst Dressed. The thigh-high slit in her navy Valentino gown did nothing but cheapen what should have been a sophisticated design. The stripper Louboutins would have been appropriate for a sexy photo shoot but on the red carpet with this particular gown, they don’t work. The scalloped neckline also doesn’t fully showcase Mariah’s bustline. All in all, this look gets two thumbs down!


Known for her gorgeous red carpet gowns, Charlize Theron was set to be a surefire contender for Best Dressed until she showed up in this wretched Dior gown with its flower appliques located on top of her breasts. It was jarring and unnecessary as the gown would have been simply stunning without the appliques. Even though Charlie loved the dress, most of us could have done without it. Every fashionista has a bad day so I’ll let this one slide!


SJP is another fashion maven that rarely disappoints but this past Sunday, she managed to make me wonder what she must have been smoking? Just because its a vintage Chanel, it doesn’t automatically mean that the dress is special enough to be worn on the Oscar’s red carpet. It was the drapy look and the strategically placed metallic accents that turned me off. I love SJP in whimsical pieces but this was a bit too whimsical for my taste.

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