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In honor of Easter Sunday, I thought I would do a beauty post regarding the most sophisticated way to incorporate the family-oriented holiday’s pastels into your beauty routine. Fortunately, pastels are really big this season in the world of beauty so it won’t be too hard to pull off the perfect Easter look.


Regal, decadent, luxurious and sexy, purple is a shade that works well on many complexions and brings out the best in hazel and brown eyes and is a wicked combination for those of you with blue eyes. For spring, the key to making this gorgeous color work for you is the shade that you pick. You definitely don’t want to do the dark, shimmering purple that would be awesome for a sultry smokey eye but way too overdone for a nice day at church and a festive family dinner.

Here are some purple shades that would work beautifully this spring:


This is light, matte pastel shade by Shu Uemura called M-700 that adds a dash of color to the lid without weighing the look and the lid down. Because of the neutrality of the shade, it works well on all complexions and is a great go-to color not just for spring but all year round when you want to brighten up your eyes. Sweep this gorgeous shade just on the lid up to the crease and line eyes with a chocolate brown liner for added definition. Sweep lashes with black or dark brown mascara and you’ve got a simple easy, Easter eye!


For a slightly more dramatic look that’s not too deep and dark for church or that sweet Easter egg hunt with the neighborhood children, this sensuous purple shade by NYX called Purple works well for those with tan, olive or dark complexions. Sweep this beautiful shade across the lid and really concentrate the color on the base of the lid and just up to the crease. Smoke it out a bit by shading the crease with a matte brown or chocolate shade and be sure to blend, blend, blend so that the color gradually lightens towards the top of the lid. Line lids in black liquid liner and swathe lashes in black mascara and you’ll be turning heads all day.


Sweet, cute, bubbly and fun, pink is the color of innocence, little girls, candy and all things sugary sweet. Don’t let this color fool you though. It can be worn in chic and sophisticated ways that will take your look from girlish to glamorous with one bat of your eye. Check out some of the best pink shades for Easter!


Light and lovely, this dazzling light pink shade by Nars called Baby Girl is a must for all complexions especially medium, tan, olive and dark tones as it really plays up well against warm complexions and brightens the eye immediately. The shimmer catches the light and reflects with a gorgeous gleam that is truly chic. Sweep across the lid and into the crease. Add a light bronze shade in the crease for a slightly dramatic effect. Line lid with chocolate brown liner and swipe lashes with dark brown mascara for a look that’s gorgeously glam.


This medium satin pink shade by Shiseido called Peony is a winner for most if not all complexions. It’s just the right shade of pink not to overpower the eye but also not to wash out the eye. Pink is a shade that has to be matched to one’s complexion perfectly or else the wearer runs the risk of looking as though they have an eye infection or some sort of blotchy skin imperfections. Wear on the lid up to the crease and swipe a medium bronze or matte brown shade to add some definition in the crease. Line lids in chocolate liner and swipe lashes with deep chocolate mascara and you’re ready for a beautiful day celebrating with family and friends.


Happy Easter Beautistas!

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